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  • We offer 42 Master’s degree programmes

    6 of these are Erasmus Mundus programmes for the 2013/2014 academic year

  • Over 1,000 international students

    of at least 100 different nationalities study at Deusto every year on mobility and exchange programmes or enrolled as regular students


Did you know?

  • 80%

    of Deusto’s Bachelor degree students choose it for its international profile.

  • Estudia en otro país

    Los programas de intercambio y movilidad internacional están totalmente integrados en el plan de estudios del modelo de formación de Deusto

  • Más de 110 universidades

    mantienen acuerdos de intercambio con la Universidad de Deusto


Have you heard about the Tuning Project?


Tuning is a project created by European universities to address the Bologna Declaration and the Prague Communiqué.

It has developed into a process, offering a new approach to design, implement, assess and enhance the quality of first, second and third cycle educational programmes.

An international training model


Exchange and mobility programmes have been fully integrated into the curriculum of the Deusto Education Model.

You have the opportunity to know other cultures, languages, ways of thinking and viewing life, aspects that are also a key part of your university experience.

Campus of International Excellence


Full internationalisation is an essential aspect of the aggregate university project, Aristos Campus Mundus 2015.

The University of Deusto aims to provide new impetus to world outreach, through its search for excellence and international recognition.

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